Couple Becomes Self-Sustaining

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Our village outreach programme is helping the community to raise the resources from their own villages. Currently, we are working in 21 different villages. Our recent Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes are making a difference. FAITH (Food Always In The Home) gardens are helping the community to deal with food needs. FAITH Gardens and Self-Help Groups are providing more opportunities to share and make strong relationships among the villagers. 


We are helping the families with FAITH garden kits. Recently, we helped families in different villages to have food at their homes, by growing their own food in a kitchen garden.   


We have also started the Goat Loan Project in different villages, we have given goats to 15 families, and we are planning to give to 15 more families. We have made agreements with these families. This will be a big transformation for the families, as many are struggling because of COVID-19. 


Yameena* is living in one of our model villages and she is part of the village Development Committee. Last year, her husband lost his job and is still looking for his next job. Yameena said, “Since we learnt to deal with the situation last year by growing food through the FAITH gardens, we started saving money through the Self Help Group (SHG) idea, and now we have goats! We are growing, even in bad situations. We are thankful that in our village we have the opportunity to grow and become self-sustaining.”  


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Yameena" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.