Couples Benefit from Marriage Classes

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


The healthy nutrition classes completely changed the interactions with the children as they improved in attention, making education more effective.


In Adndan, a Nubian village, we did a seminar about marriage and family because Adndan is considered to have a very high percentage of divorce.

Our committee invited 17 couples to this seminar. We focused on important principles about marriage like communication, respect, understanding, accepting the differences in personalities of both parties, and sex based on love and giving. The subject of sex was not on the lecture schedule because we know that the culture is very closed, but they asked us to speak freely on the subject. Many of the people who attended shared with us that this seminar helped them have a better view about the concept of marriage.


School Tools Shop: Minya asked for a shop of school supplies like notebooks, pencils, pens, and all the other tools a student needs but for a discounted price to help thousands of poor families in the villages. 


In a village called Towa, there is a very poor widow who has a handicapped daughter.  She is trying to help her family through a small project where she would sell desserts and groceries in her house. She has converted her own home into a small shop. 


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Women’s Group gave her some money to help her, but we are still trying to get her a financier to give a grant or loan in the form of products she sells so she can help her children.


The Child Development Programme in the village of Shousha aims to provide a meal for children to celebrate the anniversary of the Child Development Group where they talked about the change in their lives and behaviour because of this programme.


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