COVID-19 Lessons Keep Villagers Safe

Katuwaghat Village, Nepal


This is a whole village success story about the safety of COVID-19. When I visited the village people they shared with me how they have benefitted from the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. Villagers know the importance of the TCD movement and its teachings. They have felt safe because of TCD’s coronavirus prevention lessons. Since the last one and a half years, we have continued to teach them to be safe from the coronavirus. Unfortunately, some people are dying and getting infected in the neighboring village but people are safe so far in our village. They credit this to GHNI’s prevention lessons. 


It was quite a different experience than previous months for me to visit the villagers because of COVID-19 and its effects. We cared for each other with the family members and kept social distances but we have been able to do some important activities and teaching of TCD lessons. The teaching of healthcare by visiting village families door-to-door was good and effective. When I visited with them, I taught about sanitation and about the prevention of other seasonal diseases. We discussed their family problems. The villagers were still practising the wrong thing, like they were washing their clothes in the dirty river water and taking baths there. Because of that they were infected with herpes, diarrhoea and skin diseases. So this teaching was so helpful this time for them.


I visited some Income Generation activities and checked on how they were doing and using the seed money. People are doing good jobs with Income Generation even if the time is so bad for them. They have multiplied the seed money and raised their family income. I encouraged them more about the importance of seed money and how it helps them to sustain themselves in Income Generation.  Inspired by TCD lessons and regular follow-up classes, the villagers are encouraged to advance their abilities and carry out better activities in the field.


All the schools are closed due to the lockdown. I advised parents to teach their children at home in the morning and evening until the school reopens. I encouraged them to drink safe boiled water during this coronavirus period and people are following our teaching.


Thank you,