COVID-19 training

Currently, the whole world is in the grips of the greatest biological crisis that has faced mankind in more than a century.  Almost 4 weeks ago when it was only a blip on most people’s radars, we sounded the alarm and rallied the troops.  This included establishing a Global Crisis Management Team and sending our staff far and wide with the important message of how to identify the Corona Virus and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

While minimizing their own risk, our staff crisscrossed their regions, getting the life-saving message to as many villages as possible, most of which are beyond the reach of the internet.  All along our staff and partners followed proper personal health procedures and local guidelines on meeting size.

In the neighboring country of Afghanistan, we are doing something similar.  If you remember, we have been running a successful Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC I) for quite some time and recently WITH YOUR HELP we started a second one (WEC II).  The teenage girls from WEC I wanted to meet the girls from WEC II and share some of the invaluable lessons they had learned.  The girls from WEC I traveled over 1 hour to conduct 3 entertaining skits, including one on the Corona Virus.  While they were there, since there were no reported cases of Corona in their region, they got permission to play a couple of friendly matches of volleyball and football (soccer) with their fellow learning sisters.  In all, 220 women and girls were entrusted with valuable information about how to keep themselves, their family and their communities safe and healthy.

Practicing social distancing, even during graduation

GOING LIVE! – During these days of the sequester, rock stars, comedians, and even late-night hosts have been broadcasting from their homes and even GOING LIVE on Facebook.  Just before we shut it down, 3 weeks ago I spoke about the Corona Virus at our newly started English Club.  Some other English Clubs around Istanbul have gone virtual.  This week I spoke at one of these clubs and it streamed live on my seldom used Facebook page - Look me up at "Wow Jeff".  It is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion on the virus, but to facilitate discussion and get people to consider the meaning of life, during these uncertain days.  Check the video out on Facebook, remember its "Wow Jeff". 
Thank you for helping to get the life-saving message of PREPARATION/ PREVENTION/PROTECTION to many countries around the world and for bringing people HOPE!