Creating Opportunity

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


Nefret* is proof that someone can create opportunities. She is one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) women of the village cluster. She learnt a lot in the TCD women’s group. The amount she needed to start her project was 2,000 pounds. She did not have any money, so she decided to borrow the required sum from someone.


Due to her diligence, she learnt not only to trim clothes, but also to manufacture clothes like factories. Her project grew a lot as the women in the village started to buy from her the manufactured clothes. When the person who loaned her the money saw her success, he decided not to take the money back because she was always helping poor widows. She was also suffering from financial need. She created an opportunity and succeeded in her village and her home. All of this is due to the encouragement and support of the women's group. They supported her at the beginning of her project.


A Children’s Development Programme was started in another tribe. After the seminar about children’s rights, the village leader asked the TCD team to start weekly groups to apply lessons for the children. This began in March.


The leaders of the women of another village participate weekly in moral and physical lessons. Enthusiastic women visit the homes of neighbours and friends and share what they learnt in the group.


Another member of the women’s weekly group shared about the change that occurred in her life as a result of the weekly group in her home. She talked about her relationship with others and how she became a source of hope for others.


Our Children’s Development Programme also started in another village. Twenty-five children attend. Most of them are poor and neglected, but after moral, physical, psychological, and social lessons, they have developed. Parents, neighbours, and members of society testify about the change that has occurred.


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*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Nefret” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.