Crossing the River

House of Ruth, Jordan


In the House of Ruth, we did a Transformational Community Development (TCD) training with the committee. In this training, we focussed on moving from relief to development. I shared the story of crossing the river, which follows:

There is a river in a village causing difficulties for the villagers. They cannot cross to the other side. One time there was an old man who wanted to cross but couldn’t. A young man who was passing by him offered to help him cross the river. This happened every day until one time the young man, while carrying the old man across the river, had pain in his back and suddenly fell sick, and didn’t have the power to help anymore. The story ended with the old man learning a way to cross the river on his own by working together with other villagers.

This story shows how the villagers should depend on themselves, and should think and find internal solutions for their own problems without waiting or depending on some sort of external source of help, as it may be limited and won't last for a long term.


Dr. Fadi shared about health education and about COVID-19. He talked about methods of prevention, personal sanitation, and the importance of social distancing. At the end, we distributed sanitiser for each of the attendees.  

Dr. Fadi noticed there's a significant proportion of villagers who had diabetes and high blood pressure, so he decided to do awareness sessions specifically for them. 


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader