Crucial Help in Times of Conflict

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


The situation in Myat Hlae Village is still unstable and frightening regarding the community's livelihood. In the previous month, the villagers thought that the fighting would have ceased, but it did not. Instead it was even worse in some parts. 


Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) champion had his trip to Southern Chin State, taking a different route, which is longer and only accessible to motor bikes. He was there for a couple days participating in his organisation’s annual celebration. On his way back home, the fighting was worse and roads were blocked, so they got stuck in Paletwa township for a couple days. While he was there, he was worried about his family and the safety of the villagers, but he couldn’t talk to them since all connections were shut down.

Also, he learnt how the people in Paletwa township were struggling for their daily food. He learnt how the fighting had badly been affecting the people in the conflict areas. He was so sad when he shared about what he saw and how he felt.

Luckily, he got back home safely. He confessed to the leaders and TCD committees that he could not really concentrate on the community development work because, actually, there are only just a few things they could do together in this situation. Still, he visited homes to learn how the villagers were living and how they were feeling and encouraged them. He also mentioned his gratitude for GHNI’s contribution of rice to some vulnerable households in the village. He said, “GHNI’s rice aid is vital and currently the only aid we are receiving from outsiders. We are thankful about that and hope that GHNI continues to support us. We still do not have jobs to make money.  Since we have more families who are in critical situations in the village, of course, we need continued help to survive.”