Daring to Do Differently

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This time I would like to share a story about a farmer named Shivdhon. We have been encouraging and guiding him from the last couple of years to grow some vegetables in greater amount so that he can not only eat them himself, but he can sell the excess in the weekly market for income. At first, he hesitated, but later he tried and made a small but noticeable profit. Then we encouraged Shivdhon to do it once more. He did, and this time he made good profit out of his production.


Now Shivdhon has taken initiative in farming potatoes by himself. He has grown three kilograms of potato seeds, which will give him around six quintals (about 1,300 lbs) of production. This is a kind of first example in the village of an individual who is producing such a big amount of potatoes. Shivdhon is grateful to us for giving him such courage to do what no one had dared to do before.