Death to Survival

GHNI-Kenya recently provided us with this moving update on their work in Shambani Village. We couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Shambani Village, Kenya

“Imagine a society where nobody is better than anybody, where everyone is living on less than one dollar a day. Staying without food for two days is just normal. Children dying of malnutrition. Elders becoming weaker.  And we expect the young and energetic man to sit back and expect his children and wife suffer. He must do something. Either he kills to keep his family or gets killed to stop seeing them suffer. This is the kind of community we are trying to bring hope to.

“At first we have faced so many challenges. Frustration has forced many to survive on local brew, which is sold as little as ksh 10 ($0.12 USD). From young to the elderly everyone is drunk. But now we have great news. Our tireless effort has given us success in seeing the potential of these communities.

“We have coached them on different survival skills, empowering them with small support, and help them see the opportunity which is available within their village. In partnership with other NGOs, we are proud to tell all our partners that the transformation is already a guarantee and this is a community who have promising future ahead of them.

“A dam was built by Shambani people, manually. Since we started working together, they harvested four times.  We only gave them seedlings once, and they learnt to use the same for different planting cycles.

“Now, their young men no longer kill, but farm. Their young ladies no longer practice prostitution but work with their mothers. Their women equally do business and feed their family. What we are seeing now is hope. The young and the old work together to transform their village and their families!”