Dedicated to Positive Change

*JT Village, Nepal


**Kadeja is one of the model beneficiaries in our group. Her family is a known poor family in the village, as they don’t have enough land to earn money to support their family. After she joined GHNI, she could make good money through the Goat Loan Program. Kadeja was able to pay back her loan on time.


This family is so happy from our work in JT Village. They have a really good heart to give thanks to us.


Her goat gave birth to babies. Kadeja sold one baby goat for 11,000 rupees (about $105) and another baby goat was killed by a tiger. The committee was kind to compensate her for the loss and gave her 9,500 rupees (about $90) for the lost goat.  


A new savings and credit group is ready to begin work. With a partner organization, we distributed 200 wool caps to the children. Teachers, students, and parents were very happy and were very encouraged.


Sushil B. & Samuel

*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
** For purposes of well-being and security, “Kadeja” is a pseudonym for an individual involved with this project.