Demo Village Inspires

Attir Village, Kenya


GHNI has contributed a lot in helping the village of Attir. This being one of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) demonstration villages, GHNI does its best to make Attir a role model so that the neighbouring villages can also learn from their daily transformation. It might have taken a long time, but the eagerly awaited fruit is now ready to harvest.


It is normal for villagers to recall their past history of long walks to fetch water or reach marketplaces and healthcare facilities. These woes are in the past now for the residents of Attir.


This was made possible by daily coaching and faithful work on the road to transformation. As a result, our microloan programme has been elevated by partnering with a local bank and any member has the opportunity to borrow money for buying assets like motorbikes or expanding their business to other places.       


Jobless youth are now self-employed and can even afford a meal every day. This is because they are using motorbikes as a means of transport, carrying farm products to the market and transporting people to and from town. Mzee of Attir is one of the beneficiaries of the motorcycle loan. He used to hire motorbike services from neighbouring villages, which proved very expensive, but since he got his own motorcycle Mzee is very thankful to GHNI because it has made his work much easier and he can even save and pay his loan without struggle. The farmers are also glad since their farm products like tomatoes, sukuma (collard greens), and onions are transported faster and much easier since the cost of motorbikes is much cheaper and they are readily available. The villagers in general are very grateful to GHNI for helping them.


Thank you,