Dental Clinic Continues

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class


This month, students received some lessons on computer basics. For the older students, Laith noticed that they were better with using the computer than the younger ones, so as usual, Laith encouraged the older students to help the other students who are having some difficulties in applying lessons.


Unfortunately, the students received only a few lessons and then all activities were stopped for the current time because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Following the safety instructions, we will certainly resume the lessons as soon as things get back to normal.



The total number of patient visits during March was 83. The office (the clinic and all activities of the house of Ruth) has stopped operating since mid-March after the government imposed a curfew following discovery of many COVID-19 cases in Jordan.


Dental Clinic


The dental clinic continued throughout this quarter to treat patients. During the month of March, we had Dr. Robert from the US joined our clinic. He joined our dentist for a week, receiving different patients with different cases. The caseload was as follows: total number of patients (30), fillings (10), endodontic treatments (none), periodontal treatments (2), and checking and references (10).


*Mohammed is a refugee who has been in Jordan for six years coming from harassment and discrimination that happened in Baghdad. We helped him in treatment because he couldn’t afford it in a private clinic. We did multiple dental procedures for him. After finishing the treatment, he was very happy, and he thanked us for the service given with a caring heart.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader   

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Mohammed” is a pseudonym for individuals being helped by this project.