Determined to Share Success

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the month of January, a group of four women were formed. The main objective for the formation of the group was to teach them the ways to earn money, and the first step for earning money was taken.


These women were trained to makes snacks and other food items which could be sold in the local market. They were trained in groups, as training one woman at a time was not possible. Only one or two recipes could be taught at a time because the women found it difficult to learn even a simple recipe. However, they were very enthusiastic in learning.


Soon after the training was completed, they made snacks and other food items to sell them in local market in order to earn some money. This became a model in the village because no Santal women had done this kind of thing before. Prior to this, they only sold homemade liquor, which contributed to increasing illiteracy and poverty among the villagers. On the other hand, selling food items is helping them to prosper.


Among the four women, two of them are very active and smart. They work with great energy and enthusiasm. Their families are very supportive, and their husbands gave them full freedom to do their work. On the contrary, the other two women are not so active, and their husbands do not support them. Their husbands did not give them permission to go and sell the food items in the local market. This caused a lack of enthusiasm regarding making money by selling food items among the women.


However, positivity grew inside the women and helped them to find the way out. They knew that earning money is very important for the development and survival of their family. They decided that the two women who got permission from their husbands would sell snacks and food items in local market, and the other two women will sell from home. In this way, they will earn money and not go against their husbands’ will.


These women are now improving their lifestyle and standard of living. Since they have now tasted success, they want to expand their business. They are planning to open a small catering business in their village for local functions.