Determined to Succeed

Gem Village, Kenya


The restoration of hope has been real and tangible among the many poor and neglected villages served by GHNI. GHNI has always spearheaded transformation for the poor, desperate and destitute families. It has been almost two years since GHNI extended its hand of help in this village and started the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program.


GHNI gave financial support to an already established women’s group, helping the women become self-sustaining through soft loans. Mama Lucia is one of 24 women who benefitted from the soft loan program and has been energized to stand on her own two feet despite problems at home. Her husband cannot care for the children or work because of his alcoholism, and she is forced to provide for the family herself. She operates her own business of buying and selling goats and makes a good profit of about 350 shillings per day (about $3.50) which meets her family’s needs. Her hard work and determination have finally bore her fruits and restored her hope in life. Mama Lucia is so grateful for the support she has received from GHNI and the value it has added to her life.