Developing Key Partnerships

House of Esther, Armenia


Vince Melkonian’s huge heart for the House of Esther (HoE) is never more obvious than when he’s on the ground and physically present at HoE in Spitak, Armenia. Living there with his family for five weeks once again proved to move virtually all needed activities forward in great steps. While very much was accomplished logistically and in the physical presence of the place, the key progress happened relationally, by raising so many people’s awareness of Transformational Community Development (TCD) and how HoE will be founded on TCD.  





Next month we’ll catch you up on a good measure of the logistics and resources moved forward. This month, we focus on the relational junctures crossed. Some of them are as follows:


  • UNHCR-Armenia was met on several occasions in Yerevan (capital of Armenia) with a culmination of UNHCR’s group presence on HoE property for a tour and solidified commitment to help HoE.
  • Local farmers met on several occasions to hear Larry Sallee (via phone/New Mexico), with both his and their input very well received.
  • We met with and they were a part of the group touring HoE with UNHCR.
  • Local women interested in TCD gathered for a TCD Training of Teachers (TOT-1) Vision Seminar.
  • A local pastor visited again, with good relationships continuing there.
  • Met with managers of a large farm near HoE, with their input well received and open to HoE growing.
  • Met with managers and toured Spitak YMCA, with them asking for soil sample kits we used.
  • Met with local government leaders, who received our work and progress at HoE very well.
  • Met with local greenhouse growers and managers.


Daniel Emig

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader