Developing Leaders

Hoogly Village, India


Computer Center

Mou is a young student in our computer center. Her father is Dulal and her mother is Archana. Dulal is a rickshaw puller. Archana is a housemaid who washes clothes, cleans dishes, and houses. They live beside railway tracks because they come from a very poor background. In spite of poverty and many challenges, Mou is continuing her studies and is now in the seventh grade. She is a good student and loves to study Bengali subjects. She came to know about our computer center through her friend who told her that there is a computer center that provides quality teaching for affordable price. She came to our center and asked us to talk to her parents to allow her to get admission for computer classes. We talked with her family and encouraged them to allow her to study and told them the value of computer education. They were very encouraged and agreed to educate their child through our computer center. Mou wants to be a teacher to educate and help her own people who are not able to study on their own.


Transformational Community Development

We are encouraging Transformational Community Development (TCD) to spread in different areas surrounding Uttarpara. Last month, we had a meeting with the community of Sugandhya, Hoogly. We called ten people from different villages to introduce them to the TCD program. All these people we have called are from a teaching background. We gave them a vision of how TCD works and what we can accomplish together for our own community. All the participants were very happy and encouraged to do the program in their own village. Their village also suffers from various diseases, contaminated water, and malnutrition. We hope TCD will not only be practiced in Hoogly Village, so now we are taking it to more villages.


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