Developing Model Examples in Villagers

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This past quarter, some of the people in Ranga Village took initiative to cultivate various kinds of vegetables.

One man of this village, named Shahadev, is taking steps to cultivate onions and wheat with some others. They grew well, but not enough to sell at market. Most of the time, the market for vegetables fluctuates. As a result, farmers lose their confidence. So they would like to raise goats for income generation. To start, they would have to take a loan from lenders who give money with high interest. That is why they are looking to GHNI to help them. They are planning for each person to raise one or two goats. But our plan is that, if we provide them goats, we will provide them with only five to six in a group to see if they can do it successfully.

In Hemantpur Village, after being encouraged by us raising awareness through Transformational Community Development (TCD) training, they have cultivated wheat and mustard. We are encouraging them towards goat or pig farming.

This month, some of the people have cultivated Balsam pears, Ladyfingers, pumpkins, and cucumbers. We realize the best way to encourage new types of crops is to set an example. We are trying to first focus on helping those who are interested, so that we can make them models for other villagers.

In Dhoker Jhara Village, one of the old hand pumps has been repaired. Also, there is a room being built to protect the water pump for cultivation purposes. The gate and water pump have not been placed yet. People are expecting us to place it, but we are trying to convince them to place it by themselves, as this is for their benefit.


GHNI TCD Worker, India