Developing Model Villagers

Jatapara Village, India

This quarter, we could have a good harvest from our labor over the last few months. The goats we have given the villagers are now grown and breeding. We are hoping to see the healthy kids (baby goats) very soon.


Besides this, we are continuously trying to nurture a model that can be followed by the whole community into Transformation Community Development (TCD). Thus, we are encouraging all the villagers who believe that TCD works. One of them is *Bhavika, a housewife whose husband is a farmer working hard to earn a living for his family. This woman used to attend the training we give regarding health, hygiene, and income generation. Once during the training time, we were encouraging villagers to make a kitchen garden to have healthy food and for income generation. This woman listened to us, went back home, and started working on it. Very soon, she had a good harvest of vegetables. Bhavika is very much encouraged and willing to sell her vegetables at the weekly market to earn some money.

In this same way, we want to develop more models among villagers for whom others can follow.





*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Bhavika” is a pseudonym for one being helped by this project.