Did You Know About Didi Hara?

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Committee in Didi Hara Village grows various vegetables for their consumption and sells them to the community. The TCD team is coaching the community about farming, and some community members have taken the idea and started growing vegetables, so the demand is growing. More income gets generated.


They also cultivate drought-resistant fruit trees that benefit the community. After a year, these trees will bear fruit. Because the community requires drought-resistant fruit trees, the group intends to gather their seed and sell it to the community.


TCD Update

  • Water – The Water Committee has introduced the community to water purification. The health of the community has improved since using TCD’s various purification methods.
  • Food – Didi Hara Village agricultural practice is expanding. Farming is becoming more popular among many of the villagers who are members of the Agriculture Group. The income of the group and villagers is increasing, as well.
  • Income Generation – The Income Generation Committee teaches the community about small business activities, allowing the community to take advantage of opportunities in the village. People are now traveling from other areas to sell goods to the community. Additionally, they purchase items from the community to sell in other areas.
  • Education – Just as in other areas, the Education Committee is collaborating closely with community leaders. Instead of sending their children to watch animals, the community is sending them to school!
  • Wellness – The Wellness Committee is assisting the community to have toilets. As a result, the TCD workers are collaborating with the community and building seven latrines.


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