Dignity in the Face of Adversity

Refugees in Lebanon


*Carmina is one of our sewing class students for this semester. She and the other 12 women will graduate at the end of this month. Carmina is 24 years old. She got married when she was 18 years old and sadly became pregnant after just three months. She had a baby girl, but her husband refused his daughter and so did her parents. She couldn't register her as her own, so her father registered her as his.


Carmina said she is in our school to be able to find a job and support her 6-year-old daughter as she seeks to become self-supporting. She is treated badly by her parents and society. She said, "Being in the school not only taught me how to sew and use the machine but, in fact, I became a new person. I have new friends and family.” 


She is ready to face her future and be independent. She is also strong enough to explain her feelings, share her story, and be proud of herself, despite what she's been through and society looking down on her. 


Thank you,


GHNI Partner

 *For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Carmina" is a pseudonym for the individuals being helped by this project.