Disaster Relief Team Trainees Headed to Nepal

We finished our Disaster Relief Team Training on the beautiful island of Maui. The training went great and all who attended were excellent.

It was also fun.

Since we sometimes have to stay in tents on the field, and there are many who have never set one up, we had them do so. It went well sleeping under the stars…until the second night when a huge deluge soaked our tent camp. It rained so much that even good tents, set up well, leaked. Needless to say, most tents were not ready for this and people were swimming in their sleeping bags. Many ended up on the floor of the church for the night. Thus, a good unexpected lesson in the importance of being ready for the unexpected.

Along with the classroom setting, we also did “tabletop” exercises and outdoor activities, such as a mock distribution (which was a lot of fun), putting up an outdoor shower, and others.

Although we take disaster relief seriously, we also believe good training involves having a good time while learning:

From this training, the group is forming a team to go to Nepal this summer.

We need more laborers for the field and this training has helped prepare and send them.

Thank you for your partnership in our work.

Mike Parks
Disaster Relief Director