Blog: Disaster Relief

Cameroon Conflict displaces families

We woke up at about 5,30 am early Monday December 3, 2018 with a fierce battle between the Separatist (local militia) and regular government security forces that lasted about 6 hours leading to deaths on both camps. These six hours were characterized by heavy gun shelling with the use of machine guns.


Cyclone hits Mozambique

The situation is very, very bad. People are still trapped on treetops and rooftops since Friday last week, (March 15th), hungry and thirsty waiting to be rescued. Those who have been rescued are in desperate need of food and shelter..a place to sleep. They are so many that the institutions do not have the capacity to host and care for them all.


Disaster Relief for Indonesia

Last month, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was hit by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami. Many people on the island experienced devastating loss. Over 1,900 lost their lives and another 3,000 were seriously injured. 3,000 schools were damaged, and thousands of people lost their homes.

Paying it Forward

Refugees in Jordan

Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Dreaming of Returning Home

Yazidi Internally Displaced People (IDP), Disaster Relief


Some of the Yazidi IDPs are going home to their town of Shingal (Sinjar) to see the condition of their homes and town. Mostly, only the men go back because they are not willing to take their daughters and wives. The horrible things they experienced at the hands of invaders have discouraged them from going to their town until they know the invaders are gone.


Fleeing for their Lives

Refugees in Jordan


Families Adopting Families


Addressing Desperate Needs

Internally Displaced People in Aleppo, Disaster Response


It’s been over six and a half years, and the war in Syria continues.


They Ran and Didn’t Turn Back

Yazidi Refugees, Disaster Relief


“In August 2014, my friends and I heard the sound of crying, shouts, and the shooting of guns, all mixed together,"*Shahid said.

“I just understood that they were shouting, 'Run, [the violent group] is coming! Leave Shangal as soon as possible. Don’t stop!"

Shahid was just 21 years young. He was from Shangal (the town where most of the Yazidi lived). He and his friends spent their time talking about their dreams and happiness in life.