Discovering Her Value

Haggana Village, Egypt


Learning the Importance of Self-Worth

A woman who attends our Transformational Community Development (TCD) meetings shared her story of personal transformation. 


“After I joined the TCD Women’s Group, my life changed. Because I always felt that I had no value, a feeling of smallness filled my whole life because of my husband and society's treatment, as I was not beautiful or educated like other women. But after hearing the lesson about my value in the TCD Women’s Group, it became a turning point. I understood that other people's views and my husband's treatment should not affect my view of myself and I decided to not accept the negative words that I hear from my husband or other people.”


How a Child Stopped Cursing

A child named Mehrael shared, "I was cursing my sisters and saying negative words to them because they bothered me, played with my toys and broke them, and I was the firstborn.


“When I joined TCD and heard a lesson about negative and positive speech and its impact on humans, I decided to stop my negative speech. 


“My sisters played with my toys and I began to encourage and love them. Our relationship with each other is much better, and I was happy with myself. When I learnt that I had changed because of the TCD lessons, I encouraged my two sisters to join.”


Thank you,

Azmy, Hanaa, Miriam,
GHNI TCD Workers