Diyo’s Story of Transformation

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Diyo is one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group members in Mudiyambo Village. We wrote about her story in a previous report, but we recently had a very good time of discussion with her. She told us what has happened in her life since she joined the TCD group.

According to Diyo, before she start working with the TCD groups, life was very desperate and she could not feed her children properly because of shortage of income. As usual, according to the traditions on the area, she only gave a cup of milk in the morning and another at night to her children. They did not get any additional food. Now, beside the group farm, she is producing different kinds of vegetables in her backyard by using drip irrigation system.

In addition to this, previously she never had any money of her own. Now she is getting an average income of 700 Birr (about $35). This income is helping her very much and she even want to open a bank account so she can start saving for the future. Her long term vision, besides the farm, is she wants to start a business in her house. To implement this plan, she is expecting the help of TCD workers.

Diyo has three children and, previously, she could not send them to school because of the shortage. Now her three children attend school. Finally, her husband started supporting her TCD efforts. He frequently spends all his time on the community farm. He is very encouraged by their life progress. He said, “My wife, along with TCD, is one of the reasons we transform our life.”

We look toward one more year left to graduate this area to be self-sustainable. Our plan for the next quarter is to finalize the remaining works in the village help the community.



GHNI TCD Worker, Mudiyambo, Ethiopia