Dreaming of Returning Home

Yazidi Internally Displaced People (IDP), Disaster Relief


Some of the Yazidi IDPs are going home to their town of Shingal (Sinjar) to see the condition of their homes and town. Mostly, only the men go back because they are not willing to take their daughters and wives. The horrible things they experienced at the hands of invaders have discouraged them from going to their town until they know the invaders are gone.


Shingal City has not yet been built up. The roads are very bad, and the few families who have returned must use the well water, which is not suitable (healthy) to drink. Also, there is no electricity.


Political problems are also a big reason for them not to return yet. The Yazidi people received no protection from the government when the violent group overran their towns. They were not able to fight off those who destroyed their homes, killed many, and took their women and children as slaves. Thus, the Yazidis remain displaced.  


The most important needs of Yazidis remain basic items such as clean water, food, baby milk, and clothes. They are also very interested in small business start-ups so they can make a way for their families to be self-sufficient.  


Little help is going their way. The Kurdish government lacks the resources and limited help comes from the West. Please join us as we help the Yazidi people.




GHNI Disaster Relief Worker