Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

“My name is **Kalpani and I am eight years old. I study in the fourth grade. My parents work on the estate as laborers. I have two older brothers who go to school. After school, they do odd jobs to earn money for our monthly family expenditures. When I see my brothers work in the nearby fields, I feel sorry for them as they get tired very much. When they get home, they have to do school homework.

“To overcome my brothers having to work in the nearby fields, we need to earn more money for our family’s monthly expenditures. This will also help us rent a better house so that we can obtain recognition and a better position in the village. As of now, when village meetings are held for developing the village, we are not invited.

“Therefore, I have decided to choose an education to become a doctor. I can then support my family and help my poor brothers and sisters in the village to get a good education, as GHNI is doing now. I can also treat them in the village when they are ill, and this will save them time and money.”


TCD Update


Water—Pure drinking water is available in the village, except for about six homes. The problem that the villages are facing is that wells dry up during droughts. When talking to the villagers, they say digging the well deeper will help provide water during drought.


Food—There is food in the village and many families enjoy at least two meals a day. We will be teaching about growing vegetables in home gardens through TCD lessons.


Income Generation—We made them aware of micro loans and benefits. The villagers are excited and prepared to start income-generation projects. We are looking for donors to help fund the project.


Education—Since we started the Tamil language classes, there are about 25 who come for the Tamil tutoring class. Many want to join the class but, at the moment, we are unable to accommodate all. The Education Committee is doing a good job going from home to home, informing the parents of the importance of education.


Wellness—Wellness in the village needs improvement. Through TCD lessons, we will teach the villagers to improve wellness in their homes.


Thank you!

GHNI National Field Leader


*For purposes of security, “WR Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
**For purposes of security and well-being, “Kalpani” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.