Dressed and Ready

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI has been a blessing to many of the poor, hidden and hurting people in the community. At the same time, it has been playing a pivotal role in restoring hope to the hopeless orphans. The poverty rate in Gem Village is very high and many young mothers and school girls lived in despair with their basic needs being left unmet. This despair led many to eventually take to the streets and become prostitutes just to support their families. As a result, many have died and have left behind orphans and children infected with HIV/AIDS. The disease has claimed several lives while others suffer from the disease without the proper medication or nourishment.


GHNI stepped in and provided love and care to the children. It restored the children’s hope and improved their lives by building them a dormitory and digging a borehole. GHNI bought school uniforms and provided them to about 100 needy children so that they would have clothes like their classmates. These students were so happy when they received the uniforms but even more so that someone cared about them. These children had been longing for this love for many years since death deprived them of having their loving parents.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) efforts continue and Gem Village’s water problem is almost coming to an end. The borehole has been drilled for the orphaned children and it will also serve all the villagers as soon as the project is completed. Our wellness lessons are ongoing, and the community is benefiting much from them. Unfortunately, one of our group officials became unfaithful and used the group’s money for her own personal interests instead of banking the money that members had paid. The office has taken action and area lenders are involved to find possible solutions by our next meeting. There is not much to update on food because there is not yet enough water for farming. Some of the orphaned children were bought school uniforms since the primary school is free. They are now getting their equal rights as others do.