Eager for Change

A hard-working village has eagerly begun working for lasting change in their community, according to the GHNI-Ethiopia. One of the villagers delivers a message of thanks and inspiration.

Garmaam, Ethiopia

“Garmaam has now begun the first harvest after the completion of the water irrigation project. The community is seeing a huge benefit from the project as well as the fruit of each group member working hard.

“Mohamed is one of the group members. He spends most of his time in the field watering the farm and watching for wild animals. Every time he sees our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers he tells us how GHNI has opened the eyes of the village and that everyone is now eager to change their life. 

“Not only do people feel this, they also have the tools (and water) to make it happen. Thank you for your partnership in making this happen. 

“Before we leave the village, Mohammed approaches us one more time to thank us and tell us about the changes he’s seen in the village and in his family’s life as well.”