Earthquake Relief in Yunnan, China

Saturday, August 2, 2014, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked China's Yunnan province. Global Hope Network International announced immediate response to the disaster and was ready to move as soon as roads were cleared. GHNI will bring immediate relief needs to those furthest from major populations, allowing others, including China's Army and Medical teams, to work with the largest population.

Global Hope Network International's (GHNI) expertise is working with rural villagers, helping them to overcome disaster. This is where we will focus as we work alongside officials and other volunteers.

Over 400 aftershocks have been reported, some recording a 4.9 magnitude. Severe storms are forecasted for the next three days, complicating access to the region. The current death toll reported has reached 400 and the reported injured has surpassed 1800. Over 200,000 homes have either been destroyed or severely damaged.

A volunteer teacher in Longjiang Village, Huang Min, told The Post the situation was desperate. "We're in desperate need of food, water, tents and electricity," Huang said. GHNI workers will help to provide food, water, tents, and other immediate needs as they assess the situation.

How You Can Help

Clean, safe drinking water proves to be the most urgent need for the victims in these hard to reach rural villages. Just $50 will provide up to three families with a water filter which will save their lives!

If you are able, will you please donate to help in this effort? You will make it possible to bring help and hope to those suffering in the Yunnan Province.