Educating African Villages About Ebola

Ebola has fortunately not spread to Kenya and east Africa yet and hopefully won't. But 10 flights per day land in Nairobi from west Africa, so the possibility is real and everyone knows it... including those who live in the remote villages we serve.

So our Kenyan team recently educated our Wellness Committees in our villages, helping them learn and discern between the truths and untruths about Ebola. Now armed with knowledge, they can avoid the extremes of either panic or unpreparedness.

Our Wellness Director, Martin, sent me the update below.

THANK YOU for standing with me as we help our GHNI staff and these villages.

--Jeff Power, GHNI leader

Kenyans Teach Ebola Awareness

With the alarming risk of the Ebola disease spreading across Africa from the west African countries, we had to conduct community awareness of the disease, on how it is spread, and the symptoms that it presents, in order to avoid further transmission if it occurs here in Kenya.

GHNI-Kenya made sure that all the villages we serve were properly taught about the illness, since we emphasize preventive measures rather than waiting till a disease strikes and then start running at the curative measures at the cost of peoples’ lives.

So we met with each community at large, then we met with our TCD Wellness Committees in each village, to discuss the importance of putting into practice the health lessons we’ve taught in the villages. There is a significant difference between hearing lessons and doing them!

Our Wellness Committees are extremely happy, knowing our office supports them as they carry on their duties in their villages.

--Martin, GHNI - Kenya Wellness Director