Education Brings Hope

Gem Village, Kenya


With COVID-19 being a threat to the whole globe, the community of Gem Village has been in its own world. The government of Kenya has issued a directive for a lockdown across most of the towns and villages where cases have been reported as well as a dusk to dawn curfew across the whole country. Wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining social distance have been mandated by law in order to protect everyone.


Apart from a few who have become informed about this pandemic, many of the villagers are following the directives in order not to be arrested. The real seriousness of the outbreak was not clear to them until we took the initiative to conduct our weekly programme of coaching, where we shared information about COVID-19. The coaching spotlighted issues affecting the world and how there is need to protect themselves and their loved ones, especially elderly people, and the importance of all the directives given by the government. As part of our support of this effort helping the community, we supplied over 100 face masks to those who could not afford them, taught them how they can make soap for handwashing at lower cost, and distributed some food items to the most vulnerable in the village.


Following this effort, the elders of the village expressed their heartfelt gratitude, saying no one had ever taken time to reach out to them, not even politicians or government personnel. Our action has given help and hope to protect their village from the spread of COVID-19. 


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader