Education Elevated in Attir

Attir Village, Kenya


Education in Attir Village is improving at a high rate. GHNI came and introduced to the community the importance of Education–one of the five pillars of Transformational Community Development (TCD). Attir had no high school education, there were only primary dropouts. David was among the primary dropouts, even though he excelled on the primary national examination.


David and his family could not afford the tuition, so had to herd the livestock of other villagers. After GHNI came to the community, David received the support he needed for all of his secondary school fees. Happily, he was able to graduate high school. 


Since that time, David has been an agent of change in Attir. Currently, there are no school dropouts and more than 25 students are attending secondary school. David has broken barriers by ensuring every child gets an equal education. 


He recently mobilised well-wishers within the community to raise money to support Joseph, one of the orphans who had finished primary school but lacked support for high school. Some villagers rallied in their support and Joseph was able to continue his Education.


The community is happy about the great impact they are seeing. Joseph's face lit up with a big smile as he reflected on the loving care and support of his community.  He is now determined to study and later give back to the community.


Thank you,