Education Making Dreams Reality

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Sewing Centre


Women are empowered through our OM Sewing Centre, and many are now helping their families by earning money. Many women have already completed the course, and others are still waiting for their turn. Recently, after we started the embroidery course, it attracted more women to learn this skill at OM Sewing Centre.


*Sana is our tutor at OM Sewing Centre since we started this centre. Now, she is also receiving help from another teacher for the embroidery classes. Women are very interested in this course because embroidered dresses are very popular these days in Pakistan. Upon asking, Sana said, “It was very difficult for women to go out from their houses when we started our course here. But now, most of the women have already completed the course and are now participating in the embroidery class.”


Computer Centre


Our computer academy is equipping the youth for a better future and education. Many young boys and girls have completed the computer courses from here. Some of them now have government jobs, and some are still doing their studies.


*Simon was part of our computer academy and after completion of his course, he applied for a job as a computer operator, and now he is doing this job. Simon said, “It was like a dream for me to get a job in the computer technology sector. Thanks to my hard work and skills, which I learnt from the computer academy, GHNI helped me a lot to get this job.”




Now the farmers are getting enough water for their crops and fodder is growing. They are planning to plant more trees and some vegetables.


Since the farmer has been working at OM land, the community’s lifestyle has changed. Their children are going to school, and they are getting enough food for their families. Now they also know the importance of health.


*Hari is taking care of an agriculture project. Since he is working here, he got a lot of opportunities for his family. Hari shared about his family, “Now my children are going to school and getting a good education. I never thought my children would go to school. I never went to school in my life, and all my life I have worked for the landlord. Since I am here, I feel I am in a new world, where my children are getting an education and taking part in weekly activities.



GHNI Partner

*For purposes of security and wellbeing, “Sana”, “Simon”, and “Hari” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.