Education Trounces Virus

Attir Village, Kenya


Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Attir Village are one of the most active and respected elements in the community as their efforts are seen to be effective. TCD workers are working day by day in educating the community on Health issues. Their efforts are seen in the community because they are the ones who are nearest to the villagers since the hospital is almost 15 kilometres from Attir. TCD workers have taught the villagers about preventing disease like malaria or cholera and they have even coached pregnant women on how to successfully give birth at home.


All this is through the effort of GHNI and our TCD workers. GHNI usually takes them to important training, after which they come and deliver the information to the community. During this time of COVID-19, TCD helpers have worked tirelessly educating the community on preventive measures. They have been going door-to-door educating people on good ways of washing hands, on the proper way of wearing masks, even educating them to avoid crowded places and, if necessary,  how to keep social distance. They have also been taught not to shake hands especially when they go to other places. Through their efforts, and even though it is almost a year since the COVID-19 hit Kenya, no one has ever been affected or tested positive for the coronavirus in Attir. People are really happy for the GHNI’s awareness programme in the village and the TCD workers support and commitment to the health of the villagers. 


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