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Tutoring Classes Inspire Future Teachers

*U Village, Sri Lanka

The teacher in U Village told us that little Sakuntala likes studying and that she scores first in all bi-monthly examinations. However, the teachers also informed us that Shahini had misssed five classes, continuously. As we arrived before classes started, we wanted to visit Shahini’s home to find out what caused her to miss classes.

School Supplies Give Needed Structure to Learning

by Allison Young

While most people can agree that education is a good thing, impoverished regions face a challenge in supplying basic school supplies to their children. Literacy is hands-on – students need books, pencils, uniforms and computers to help with learning.


Centre Attracts Students

Sindh Province, Pakistan

Sewing Class

A new group of ten sewing students have begun to learn the skills in our class. They are also excited to be part of this training center and have a passion to learn a lot in the coming three months.

An Agent of Change

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Meet Ibrahim, a young man age 27 and a native of Dogon Gada Village. He is the third child of Sarki, Chief of Dogon Gada. Five years ago, in 2011, Hal Jones and Jeff Latsa visited Dogon Gada for the first time and introduced Transformational Community Development (TCD) to the village. After they left, Martins, I, and a few champions began and continued the journey of transformation in this village.

Education for Refugees

by Zoya Wazir

“Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human.” – Malala Yousafzai

Education -- The First and Best Hope To End Poverty Anywhere

by Dee Rivers


The precious children of the human family deserve more than to suffer short, illiterate lives in lethal poverty, only to die silent, dingy deaths and lie in eternal sleep, beneath unmarked stones, in graveyards of anonymous souls, because no one knew how to write their names.


Action: GHNI, in its partnership villages throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, through its Transformational Community Development (TCD) program, has brought education programs to 10,000 children.


Importance of education

By: Mallika Dave


The Global Hope Network International (GHNI) is devoted to improving the lives of communities in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries. This includes  placing a great deal of importance on the value of education.


Education - August 2016

By Zoya Wazir

It can be concluded that learning is one of the fundamentals of human nature. From our first steps, to the first day of school, to our high school graduation, life is marked by education, whether we are aware of  it or not.

New Teacher in Town’s a Doctor!

House of Ruth, Jordan

Meet Dr. Niveen, a young, beautiful lady from Iraq. Dr. Niveen will be helping in the house of Ruth until the doors open for her and her family to leave Jordan and go somewhere chosen by the UN. She is a wonderful addition to the House of Ruth, especially since Dr. Bashar and Maria have both left.