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Celebrating Children & Reinforcing Education

JT Village, Nepal

In JT Village, children happily to celebrated International Children’s Day 2016, especially in this poor village. Before we started Transformational Community Development (TCD) in this village, parents were not aware that children need to go to school. Once I taught TCD lessons about the value of children’s education, then they started sending their children to school.

Eager Students Consume Knowledge

Refugee Families in Lebanon

The war is not stopping in Syria. Now in its sixth year, Lebanon is facing the danger, especially after the attack of six people who exploded themselves. As a result, two teams canceled their visit to Lebanon. These teams consisted of doctors from the United States and another team from Canada.

Restoring Hope to the Marginalized

Isiolo Empowerment Center, Kenya

GHNI is restoring hope to young girls in northern Kenya villages, especially those who are marginalized. We started with 25 girls, and now we are left with 13. As we conducted our small closing ceremony,  we gave Mary our champion award as the best student of the year. She traveled about 22 miles every day to come and be empowered. Mary became a role model, and right now she is helping Mr. Stephen, who trains others.

Orphaned and Thirsting for Knowledge

Attir Village, Kenya

After death claimed David’s mother, the sourness of life began. Soon, his father married another wife to take care of the children, but things never worked as his father had hoped for. The wounds of losing their mother never healed as expected but grew worse. The new wife introduced illicit brewing to the family, making his old father a drunkard and creating habits that were never his before. He started beating his children for no reason and mistreating them to please their stepmother.

Holistic Solutions: Hope Not Handouts

By Dee Rivers


Aberash* stands in a dust-bowl landscape. Around her, like a barren garden where once flowers flourished, are small mounds -- graves of children lost to the consequences of drought. They perished from thirst. Or they starved. Or they succumbed to the diseases of a waterless, malnourished, and contaminated existence.

Wonderful Teachers for Our Children

House of Ruth, Jordan

We are continuing our program in the House of Ruth in Ma'an. During the summer holiday, the children are more relaxed, and new children are attending the English lessons.

Dr. Emad, who joined us for a couple of weeks, has been moved to Australia by the UN. We are blessed to have met Dr. Edwar, who helps us provide medical services in the clinic alongside Dr. Niveen.

Hope in the Midst of Sorrow

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


It’s “Back to School” time! Such a busy season for all the families and their children. It’s an especially huge burden for the refugee families. The joy of beginning the school season is offset by the difficult living circumstances that many Syrian families suffer from.

Organic and Hybrid Rice Proves Successful

Jatapara Village, India


This is the rainy season here in India and, in almost every part of India, farmers cultivateGaining rice. In the village of Jatapara and surrounding areas, rice is the main cultivation the whole year.