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New Teacher in Town’s a Doctor!

House of Ruth, Jordan

Meet Dr. Niveen, a young, beautiful lady from Iraq. Dr. Niveen will be helping in the house of Ruth until the doors open for her and her family to leave Jordan and go somewhere chosen by the UN. She is a wonderful addition to the House of Ruth, especially since Dr. Bashar and Maria have both left.

A Persistent Soul

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Ibrahim is an Egyptian man of about 60 years. Grateful for aid from GHNI, he stops by the office regularly to offer his help. What a grateful man is he! He is taking care of his daughters, and like any other father, Ibrahim wants the best for his precious daughters, no matter what his financial situation.

Healthier Ways to Live & Think

Helwan Village, Egypt

Children of Helwan

New Hope for Education & Water Supply

Attir Village, Kenya

Mama Jamarose, a mother of 12 children, is left speechless about the hope that she now has in her life. Her life has transformed in every manner and aspect, from personal healing down to her children. Mama Jamarose is thankful and says our GHNI organization is a blessing. She does not have enough words to express her appreciations, except to hope GHNI staff have all the strength that they need to carry out their noble duty.