Effective Agriculture Conference

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso

In the past month, six of our partners in Burkina Faso attended a strategic Western Africa conference on farming and agriculture, organized by a key partner. This partner specializes in nutrition, farming, and agricultural techniques.

Among the participants were our workers in Saneba and surrounding villages. The forum addressed the many challenges for farming in sub-Saharan Africa. It included plenary sessions where experts and practitioners in this sector shared from their experiences and best practices.

Some of the themes that were addressed included:

·  Sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

·  Organic pesticides for healthier nutrition

·  Undertaking farming in Burkina: challenges, opportunities, and perspectives

·  Promotion of diversity of vegetables for nutrition and income generation

·  Impact of climate change on agriculture and measures to be taken

·  Wonders of the Moringa plant

The conference has helped empower the participants with practical ways to help their communities in Burkina Faso. Our partners shared about how encouraged they were by the event and how it has given them important knowledge.

Leading on from this forum, we have set up a training in Saneba in April where, along with our key partner, we will be training those who are working in agriculture. This is so important and could make a significant impact on the region’s future agriculture, health, and nutrition sectors.


GHNI TCD Worker, Burkina Faso