Emerging Entrepreneurs

Kharibari Village, India


For the last several months, I had tried to motivate villagers of Kharibari Village to start their own business. However, they were not very keen on starting a business, as it involves risks; instead, they had been relying on the most convenient source of income, which is working as a daily wage earner. But since a job may not be available every day, I hoped to help them start a small side business in order to earn good income. 


I had already planned to provide a small loan for this on behalf of GHNI, but there was no interest among the villagers. During this lockdown, when everything was closed and there were no jobs, the villagers realised the importance of having their own business or a second source of income. Now Gopal and Fulmuni have come forward to start their own businesses with chickens and pigs. 


Gopal has planned to start Kadaknath Chicken Farming and has already made a coop for chickens with his own money. We had a meeting about this in the village committee and the committee unanimously agreed to provide him a loan. He is waiting for a loan of 6000 rupees, which he has promised to pay back to the committee after 6 months. 


One positive outcome of this lockdown is that villagers are now interested in having their own small business or source of income in their own area instead of going to other states for jobs. Women especially are showing interest in starting a business.


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