Empowered with Literacy and Income Generation

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


Continuing our English language classes for the girls and boys, January was a busy month for our Women’s Empowerment Centers (WEC). We are also teaching literacy and health lessons for the women in Bamyan at our centers.


We were working to confirm our six-months’ report to the Ministry of Economy, as well. According to NGO law in Afghanistan, we should submit the reports every six months to the ministry and director of economy.


We are teaching Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons two days per week for girls and boys. The girls have learned and memorized the TCD lessons, and they are sharing the stories with their families at night. It is a huge success for us that, in this poor community, many people know the main point of each TCD lesson.


When the literacy and health lessons are taught to the local women, we distribute a notebook, pen, pencils, some textiles, net, and beads to the 25 women, so that they can create handicrafts for themselves and to sell in the bazaar.


Thank you,

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team