Empowerment Centre Grateful to Donor

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


Our GHNI Empowerment Centre is where many young women are equipped with life skills to help themselves. This involves social, economic, and psychosocial support due to the complex background each and every one of them is coming from. They all have their different and unique stories. The Centre has been a place where all get to share their situations and also encourage each other as they get to know one another better. 


Besides the sewing class, we have created another forum for them as they share lunch together and interact on different aspects of life. The lunch programme was initiated by a friend and donor named Jack after he heard an appeal from the young women in the programme to support them with lunch because they come together from different villages, walking long distances (as far as 20km) to get to class. Most come to class before having breakfast and walk back without lunch; some among them are mothers.  We initiated the programme of lunch provision and, since then, there has been a lot of change and the perception of the women has changed toward each other. 


The time they have been spending together has been meaningful as they share a plate of githeri and hear each other’s story besides classes. It might be expensive to provide lunch every other day for these young women, but it is worth it since we are restoring dignity, hope, and helping these young women, many of whom were almost giving up coming to the centre because of their daily challenges. They are grateful to GHNI for the chance given to them to acquire knowledge, skills, and the support of lunch and the generosity of Jack.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader