Empowerment Centre Shines

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


Life has changed drastically for everyone. It’s no longer life as usual; there is a lot of confusion and no one is sure what the future may bring.


We took the initiative to give a helping hand to the needy and underprivileged of this society by donating face masks to many who could not afford them, and this is one of the efforts our empowerment team worked on with the aim of eradicating COVID-19. As much as we have helped, the community still needs more assistance regarding COVID-19 prevention.


Antonella is one of our students at the Empowerment Centre. She is among the women who have helped to make masks for the community. After our project stopped, she took the knowledge that she gained sewing masks back to her village, where she is making and selling masks to villagers at a subsidised cost so that every member of the community can be safe and protected. On one side she is generating income for herself and her family, and on the other side she is helping her community to be safe. The village elder appreciated her effort so much that they called the GHNI office to acknowledge our contribution in bringing transformation to their village. Before this they had never even heard of GHNI!


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader