Empowerment Centre Smelling Like a Rose

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


The Isiolo Empowerment Centre is a GHNI training school which provides skills to students such as tailoring, dressmaking, hairdressing and make-up to allow them later to be self employed. This training school specifically targets students from less privileged families. Currently, there are 15 students who are taking the tailoring and dress making course.


One of the students in the school is Rose. She joined the training school earlier this year. Upon her arrival, she reported that she came from a very poor background. The family could not even afford a single meal a day. She was infested with jiggers and had a lot of personal turmoil with her family. GHNI located her and decided to help her through enrolling her in the Empowerment Centre, so that she could help herself and in return help her family who was languishing in poverty.


Rose has successfully demonstrated her hardworking skills and, as of now, she has learnt how to take care of herself. She is no longer infested with jiggers. Beyond her time in the centre, she works in tailoring shops helping with clothing repair and clothes making. This has enabled her to earn a modest income which in turn helps to provide food for her siblings and helps take care of her whole family.


She is very grateful to GHNI for the commitment it has shown in empowering the lives of young women and the entire community at large in Isiolo County. The students at the Empowerment Centre are all grateful because they have been given a second chance at life. They are grateful that they have a family in GHNI who are ready to fight for them and empower them.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader