Encouraged by Great Growth

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


These Agricultural Group members are living in Dida Hara Village. All the members were recruited by our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers and the village leaders. Before they joined, all the members were very poor and their income before they joined the group was less than a dollar per day (about 30 birr). After they joined the Agricultural Group, their income grew dramatically. All the members have been working hard and they are committed to their work. Now their income is growing an average of about $4 (about 110 birr) per day. Five members from the group can now build their own house and also send all their children to school. After they saw this great progress, they are working hard and expanding the farmland with a great plan toward more production.


For the last two years, they did not experience stable conditions in the area, but now there is relative peace. TCD workers encourage the groups to continue their hard work. Our next plan, besides the five areas of TCD, is to build one bore hole in this village.


Thank You!