Encouraging Residents to Become Self-Sufficient

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


My name is Snezana and I work as a Transformational Community Development (TCD) trainer in Ɖorgovska mahala. During this quarter, we continued to work in key areas, such as food, education, health, and business. Over time, many people have seen lifestyle change through TCD work, adopted healthy habits, and shown a desire to become self-sustaining. 


The past period was very difficult because of the coronavirus, and just when everything seemed to calm down, the virus surged again. One person in Ɖorgovska mahala passed away, and emergency measures are currently in place again. We worked a lot on sharing information about the coronavirus, including the method of transmission and protection measures. Many villagers are potential carriers, although few are infected. The loss of seasonal jobs due to the coronavirus and weather conditions have reduced the possibility of earning a wage, and many families do not have enough for everyday needs. 


My desire is to encourage the villagers to be able to contribute to their own income and develop a plan to train women and men in the community to gain skills and become self-sufficient. 


Now, people use clean water to drink, cook, and wash. In addition, we are teaching about healthy food and balanced meals, and people are encouraged to have their own gardens. Our Income Generation programme includes animal husbandry, skills acquisition and microbusiness. We have also developed a primary education awareness programme. Finally, our Wellness programme included topics on cleanliness, use of toilets, and health care.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner