Ending Chronic Malnutrition in Burkina Faso

Results in a recent screening of 125 children attending Saneba Village’s primary school indicated 1 in 5 children suffer from malnutrition.  In fact, according to WHO, more than 10% of children in Burkina Faso don’t live to see their 5th birthday!  With nearly 45% of Burkina Faso’s population living below the poverty level, on less than $1.25 (USD) per day, the country is in crisis. (World Food Programme)

Our team working in Saneba village is determined to change these statistics with a nutrition and agricultural project.

“This project aligns with Burkina Faso’s government goal to reduce chronic malnutrition rates from 32.9% (2012) to 25% by 2020” shares a GHNI leader in Burkina Faso.

With villagers willing and determined to make a change for their families, leaders of Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Burkina Faso are implementing a two part program. First, educate villagers, including school children, in nutrition and wellness habits. Second, teach advanced techniques to already existing farming practices to increase viability and production, as well as equipping villagers to plant and maintain a family garden.

Villagers and TCD trainers are excited for this change to help not only their village, but the entire region.  According to one TCD worker, “The project implemented in Saneba will act as a transformational and replicable model for the region.”

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Save a child’s life by helping village families like those in Saneba Village begin a family garden!