Ending Poverty One Villager at a Time

No matter where you live, poverty exists.  What we see on our national news, it is just the glimpse of the extreme poverty in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Much of the world’s poverty is hidden, covered or ignored in our modern existence.  It is too much for us to bear!

GHNI workers cannot turn away from the realities. Our field workers walk daily alongside hidden and hurting communities. They watch as villages transform before their eyes.  There is a solution to poverty and it lies within villagers; it lies within those currently living in poverty.

Transformational Community Development is a 3-5 year knowledge transfer program designed to guide rural villagers to use local and culturally relevant resources to develop in five key areas:


Viable nutritional food to end chronic hunger and malnutrition.  One way this has been successful is teaching families basic agricultural principals and helping them begin a family garden. Click to Donate Now!


Safe clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.  Running water is simply not an option for most rural villages; however working alongside villagers to build a well, significantly decreases water-borne illnesses and provides safe water close to homes. Click to Donate Now!


Primary level education for every girl and boy. Instilling the value of education among village families, especially for girls, is key for a community to rise out of poverty. When villagers embrace this mindset, they are inspired to provide an optimal learning environment for children, such as equipping classrooms with seats and desks. Click to Donate Now!


Resources for sustainable family income generation. Our field leaders have found many successful ways to help villagers generate income in practical, culturally relevant ways.  One example of success has been loaning offspring-producing, egg-laying chickens or milking goats to families. Click to Donate Now!


Solutions for critical sanitation, disease prevention, and home health. Teaching wellness habits and prevention methods has proven to be the most successful way of eliminating disease in villages.  GHNI begins with a village health and wellness assessment, and then provides applicable health education lessons for adults and children. Click to Donate Now!

Join us in celebrating Christmas in July by helping to end poverty today--adopt a village!