Endorsement Builds Trust

Mawa, Indonesia


One thing we are reminded of from time to time is that the way we do development is foreign to the minds of many communities. This can lead to hesitation and suspicion. In Mawa, for example, the villages have only experienced “one-off”, short-term development projects in the past. These projects are typically short-term, government funded, and only utilise outside resources and labour. Project managers tend to do their job, make a large profit, and move on after a few months. 


In contrast, after two years, the Mawa Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team continues to faithfully visit and walk alongside the community. The villagers can see that the team is not affluent in style or appearance and that there are no significant resources coming in that can be utilised by the team to turn a profit. This has resulted in a degree of trust. 


That trust was evident this month when Arif, a key leader in the Mawa community, reached out to the TCD team to go with him to a neighbouring Mawa village cluster where the level of poverty is high. Arif and the TCD team went to the home of the village leader where they discussed expansion of TCD in his village. Arif conveyed to the village leader, “We have already tested this team over the last two years and have discovered that they have no hidden interests. They are only here to help guide us to make our lives better.” With this endorsement by a respected man, we hope to see the opportunity for more changed lives in Mawa communities in the near future. 


Thank you,



GHNI Partner TCD Worker

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Arif” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.