English, Math, and Science Change Lives!

GHNI-Indonesia recently shared this story about how understanding the value of education can change lives one family at a time:

Camba Berua Village, Indonesia

“For the past 15 months a group of college students has been faithfully teaching a group of 20+ kids every week in many subjects such as English, math, & science but, most importantly, just hanging out with the kids.

“Most of these children are often working in jobs well before finishing junior high school and have very little to get excited about. More often than not, adults really don’t care to invest in them very much because they have their own worries.

“Living in poverty breeds neglect and ignorance. The cycle of poverty is easily sustained as education systems are often found lacking. A meeting once a week to teach a few phrases in English or to help with math homework is not going to change everything. But a few words of encouragement to a parent about the importance of education can help.

“Nursi is an extremely intelligent young girl who was probably going to be pulled out of school for financial reasons. After the kids program was started, all of the volunteers noticed that Nursi was different and really wanted her to stay in school, as she had a great chance to break out of the cycle.

“Some of the volunteers decided to meet with Nursi’s parents and explain to them just how special and gifted Nursi was. After many meetings and many months, Nursi’s parents decided to keep her in school. Nursi is now in junior high school.

“I just spoke with her mother and she is still excited about how well her daughter is doing and excited about her future.”