Enrollment Grows, But Virus Suspends Ops

Women’s Empowerment Centre--East, Afghanistan


After the school closed in fall 2019, so many boys were eager to come to the English class at the Women’s Empowerment Centre II (WEC II) in the east of Bamyan. Since the winter, the number of students has tripled!


We bought volleyballs and footballs (soccer balls) to strengthen and encourage the girls. They may play in or outside of school when they have time. We brought students from WEC I to play football with the WEC II girls, so that they could be physically ready to compete with other teams.


The students from WEC I memorised many TCD stories because it was almost two years ago that they started learning and practicing.  They asked us if they could go to WEC II to perform some skits and role-playing about TCD and how to prevent the novel coronavirus. 


Usually, winter is the best time for those students who want to learn English because there is no regular school, and they have more free time. There were also 30 women who were learning hygiene, “Birth, Labor, Life-Saving Skills” (BLLiSS), disease prevention, and small business development at WEC II.


Our government partners asked us to shut down and not allow gatherings because of novel coronavirus outbreaks. We hope to bring smiles and hope to these hidden people after the government allows us to reopen the centres.


Thank you!



*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.